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Ciemme is the flagship brand of C. Mahendra Group.

About Ciemme: Creating Magic

Ciemme echoes the same sensibilities and high standards as C.Mahendra and therefore it is one of the most coveted names in the jewellery industry today. The satisfaction of customers and their contentment with the products is of the highest importance to Ciemme and therefore it chooses the most rarest, precious and timeless pieces of diamond available to create its exquisite and pieces of jewellery.

Ciemme is an epitome of efficiency and reliability. Ciemme is also taking the flame of the C.Mahendra group further and radiating their quality and brilliance through its enamoring designs and quality of products.

Compliments. Success. Glory.

Being one of the most recognized and distinguished names in the export field, CM GROUP a star trading house has been time and again honored with esteemed awards, citations and accolades for their exceptional export performance over the past three decades.

Ciemme: Shining splendor

The world renowned CM group has made its presence felt in the international market with a unique collection that goes under the name “Ciemme”. One of the most imaginative and original producers of diamond studded jewellery, Ciemme has laid down mesmerizing designs and soul-stirring jewellery creations and added yet another story of success in the astounding and inspiring history of the CM Group.